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Spring Contest 2012 Winner

Tim Jones    |     May 16th, 2012    |     13 comments
And the winner for the Spring Contest 2012 is...

Spring Contest 2012 Poll

Tim Jones    |     May 7th, 2012    |     17 comments
It's that time now to pick the best game. Remember not to only look at game play, but also the source code.

Spring Contest 2012

Tim Jones    |     April 10th, 2012    |     11 comments
It's that time again boys and girls. This time I decided to do something a bit different. Instead of trying to clone a specific game or develop a game for a specific genre, I will give you a theme and everyone can choose what sort of game to create based off of that theme (thanks Aaru for the idea). The time frame for this contest is much shorter than previous contests. Better get crackin'. Rules past the break.

Root Beer Tapper Contest Winner

Tim Jones    |     July 1st, 2011    |     19 comments
Oh boy. Guess how many people entered the contest? One! Come on guys! Where's your enthusiasm? On a happier note, Jacob (the winner), has actually

Root Beer Tapper Contest

Tim Jones    |     April 29th, 2011    |     10 comments
Contest time again! This time I thought I'd go old school and let you guys take a crack at a classic favorite. Rules below as usual. Warning: Annoy

Car Contest - Winner

Tim Jones    |     February 8th, 2011    |     4 comments
I think the winner is pretty obvious, since everything based off of the poll this time. Anyway... Congrats Tick Tock Car Race! Check out his submis

Car Contest - Vote

Tim Jones    |     January 5th, 2011    |     16 comments
Here we go. Below are the 5 entries that I received for this contest. This contest is a bit different in that the community determines the winner. As

Car Contest almost over...

Tim Jones    |     December 31st, 2010    |     2 comments
Quick reminder. All of you out there have until midnight to submit your projects to me. My contact info is on the sidebar. I have received two entries

Car Contest - Extended Deadline

Tim Jones    |     November 1st, 2010    |     5 comments
I am extending the deadline to December 31, 2010, midnight, EST. Why? I got two entries. For sending me their projects on time, they will receive

Car Contest - Extend Deadline?

Tim Jones    |     October 26th, 2010    |     2 comments
[poll id="10"]

First Foray into SDL/OpenGL

OpenGL handles the drawing of models in a window but it does not provide the window, or handle events; that is why SDL is required. The prime purpose of this tutorial is to set up the SDL window and events mechanism. It also sets up the OpenGL environment that uses the window, the game loop, and a rotating cube.

Huh? My Pong clone uses 100% CPU and is still slow?

Your program is being a CPU hog! In some cases, this situation can actually make your program run slowly! Your code needs to give some time back to the OS (i.e. delay or sleep).

Setting up MonoDevelop to run Tao

A new series from Stephen Jones demonstrating how to use C#, Mono, and Tao to develop SDL / OpenGL games.