It's been a while since my last post, but you can notice by my comments that I am still very much alive. I've been working on the next tutorial, which I hope to get on here soon. A few things have taken priority, such as my wife working as a Nurse now and my having to take care of the baby in my spare time. Also, spending time with the family when I can is a must. So I use the spare moments when I am at work to add to tutorials (or make new ones), and check comments on here. Traffic has been steadily increasing lately, and it's a little exciting, I am just wondering why there are only a handful of people posting comments? All comments are welcome, and ports are also welcome as well! I am sure there are a few people out that use pygame and such, that would love these tutorials.

Also, I am very much open to suggestions on direction to this site. Though I am following a framework in an incremental manner, I may start having side-tutorials that explain specific subjects (such as using SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and other additional libraries).