Official SDL announcment:

Announcing the latest release of SDL_ttf!

* Find the Unicode or symbol character map if it's available in the font
* Set the appropriate font styles for bold and italic fonts
* Fixed size calculations taking outline and underline into account
* Added API for font outlining: TTF_GetFontOutline()/TTF_SetFontOutline()
* Added API to disable kerning: TTF_GetFontKerning()/TTF_SetFontKerning()
* Fixed height calculation for fonts that extend below the font height
* Added access to font hinting: TTF_GetFontHinting()/TTF_SetFontHinting()
* Added TTF_GlyphIsProvided() to check whether a glyph is in a given font

Thanks to everybody who contributed feedback and patches for this release!
-Sam Lantinga, Founder and President, Galaxy Gameworks LLC