The 2nd part of revamping code to SDL 2.0 is up on GitHub. It focuses around loading and rendering textures, along with a few other useful classes (I've gone beyond what I did in the past with the SDL 1.2 tutorials). You can see a simple outline below:

Texture Class
Wrapper class for SDL_Textures. Makes it easier to load and render textures.

Texture Bank Class
Helps manage multiple textures, and auto-loads textures.

File Manager Class
Utility class for saving and loading files, listing files inside of a directory, and a few other useful methods.

Stringify Class
Small utility class useful for converting to and from strings.

You can find the code here:

A serious question for everyone out there. I've been debating making multiple repos for each possible tutorial, or making one master repo with all my code (which would essentially make up an SDL game engine), and then making tutorials later based off of that one repo. Please let me know in the comments below if you would prefer one repo or multiple repos. My fear is that repos will become out of sync as code is updated, and that some people will not realize other repos exist. Thanks!