Thanks to all the great work from the students in this year's Google Summer of Code, I present to you the "work complete" snapshot!

This snapshots includes the work from the following projects:

* Addition of Multi-touch and Gesture Recognition support
by Jim Grandpre, mentored by Ryan C. Gordon
(documentation in README.touch and README.gesture)

* International Input for Windows
by Daniel Wyatt, mentored by Sam Lantinga
(documentation at

* Shaped Windows under Linux, OSX, and Windows
by Eli Gottlieb, mentored by Andreas Schiffler
(documentation at

* Android Port
by Paul Hunkin, mentored by Sam Lantinga
(documentation in

* XRender Support
by Sunny Sachanandani mentored by Sam Lantinga

-Sam Lantinga, Founder and President, Galaxy Gameworks LLC

The donations page has been updated:

Online Gambling Pal, Nini Karim, Mechislav Yavorovsky, Philippe Wartelle, Simon Ashdown, Szymon Ender, Clive Cooper, Miguel de Dios Matias, Yaroslav Isakov, François Serman, Jimmy Christensen, and Allen McBride have made generous donations toward SDL development.

Thank you very much!