On a more serious note, I am starting to research more and more about SDL 1.3 - and I think all of you should too. If you aren't familiar with what SDL 1.3 is all about, here's a quick list of features that I know of:
- Full backwards compatibility with 1.2 apps (no need to rewrite your code to get it to work)
- Support for the latest version of OpenGL and OpenGL ES
- Multiple Windows
- Multiple Displays
- 2D Hardware Acceleration (OpenGL or Direct3D depending on the platform)
- Textures used instead of Surfaces (for hardware acceleration when available)
- Multiple input devices (multiple keyboards, multiple mice, etc.)
- Pressure / Tilt / Accelerometer support
- Much better Unicode support
- iPhone support
- Audio recording
- Multiple audio output streams
- 7.1 surround sound support
- SDL_main is no longer required

If you have time, check the SVN out here: http://www.libsdl.org/svn.php (don't get the old zip file, checkout the latest trunk).

I'm looking to start covering other "devices" that SDL can run on, so look out for that. Any additional features that I am overlooking? Let me know.