Here it is guys, last day! You guys have until 11:59:59 AM tonight (Pacific time) to submit your contest project files.

The Contest has ended. I will take this week to review all entries. Here's a list of people I have received contest entries from. If you sent something in, and are not on the list, email me asap.

Matt C.
Vincent L.
Anthony P.
Jason N.
Leonardo G., and Hugo V.
Zack F.

* Late Entry:
Fabrício G., and Paulo S.

* Because of the low turn-out I decided to accept this late entry; to be fair, I will give others until 9/3/2009 - 12:00 AM tonight (Pacific time) to also turn in a late entry. Please note that by being a late entry it will most certainly count against you in terms of judging. Existing entries from the people up who were on time can send in updated code if they like with no penalty. After 12:00 AM tonight, no more exceptions. If you turn something in to me after 12:00 AM you will not qualify for the contest, but I can put your name up.