I've been trying to catch up on some things on here, and on the forums - and I remembered that DJSBX mixes music. So, I decided to check his website again (http://www.djsbx.com/). I was surprised to find that he has two albums up that are pretty good. So, I wanted to give a big kudos out to him for his excellent work, and give him a quick plug on here. I encourage everyone to check his music out. "Kinetic Dream" is probably my favorite and "Did Your Phone Just Ring?" is just plain weird :). I am in the middle of listening to his 2nd album on there, so I can't say much on that one yet.

On another gaming music related note, everyone should also check out OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org/). It's a fairly large community with members that dedicate music to remixing video game music. I've downloaded my fair share of Final Fantasy mixes, Zelda mixes, and the like - and there's a lot of good music on there. This may be useful when putting together some clones (like, maybe, for some Contest going on right now?) or putting some music on to your game. I don't recommend using the music though if you plan to sell anything.