Last week I decided to move over my server to Media Temple on their Grid Server. Hopefully this is a good move, since I saw both positive and negative comments about this. I have a bunch of other websites that I host, alongside a friend, so hopefully it works out for the best. This is what caused the downtime the other day, in case anyone is wondering.

On another note, I am working on the next SDL tutorial for Entities. It'll be a little bit more complex than what we have so far. Also, I figured out a way to turn that stupid RTE editor off in Wordpress, so hopefully we don't have any half-posts, or & showing up in posts anymore. I tried to do a little bit of SEO on my posts, so you may notice function names and titles being bolded or linked back to the post. And hopefully I was able to find all the mess ups in the code thus far.

I want to say thank you to everyone for your posts so far, every comment is encouraging to me and helps me want to post more tutorials. With that said, I encourage everyone to post their comments.