The following are some guidelines for when you submit projects. A real quick note first: by submitting your project multiple times up to the deadline, I can give you feedback and/or help. Please note, I will not give you any code, or any links to code. All I will simply do is point you in the right direction. This should even the playing field a bit for newbies.
  1. Please provide a project file and/or makefile for me to compile your code depending on the target platform.
  2. Please include any and all libraries involved with your project; already compiled. I don't want to have to sit here for hours compiling libraries that are used in your project. Exceptions: if the library is easy to grab myself, simply let me know in a ReadMe.txt or something (i.e., being able to apt-get what I need, or simply download).
  3. Please compress your project into a single file, and email it to me with the subject: CONTEST - [My Project Name] ; remember, email to: kizare [at]
  4. Though you can submit projects ahead of time for help, please do not submit your project more than once a week to me. I will provide help, but very limited; remember, this is a contest. I would only ask for help if you really need it; it's very likely I'll give more kudos to a project that asked for very little to no help, v. the person that asked every week.
  5. Please.... please! Comment your code. Please.
In a few days I'll post all of this up on a single page, timestamped, to make everything easier for people to see, and so the posts don't get lost in the coming months.